Rachelle Alterman, Professor
Personal Information

Born in Jerusalem. Lived in Winnipeg, Canada during the junior-high and high school years, and again from 1966 to 1970 (completing B.A.Hon. and M.C.P. degrees at the University of Manitoba). Back in Israel since 1970, completing Ph.D. in planning at the Technion and LL.B. in law at Tel Aviv University. After our return to Israel we resided in Haifa.  We spent all of my four sabbaticals at USA universities.  In 1996 we moved mid-way to Tel Aviv (where our adult children live) and currently live in Even Yehuda.

Married to Doron Alterman (a civil engineer in construction management), also born and raised in Jerusalem.  He is a graduate of the University of Manitoba in civil engineering and of North Carolina State University in construction management.

Mother of Edan Alterman (in Google also check Idan - a frequent misspelling) - a famous Israeli comedian, TV and, theater actor.  He has also taken part in several movies, including Time of Favor directed by Joseph Cedar,  Mr. Baum directed by Asi Dayan, and Layla Lavan (white night) directed by Arnon Zadok.  Edan is also director of the mini-film "Security Groove" and of the full-length documentary Short.

Mother of Neora Alterman (M.Sc. at the Department of Human Genetics,  Tel Aviv University - School of Medicine at Prof. Yosef Shiloh's lab).  Today, a Doula - support for pregnancy and birth processes.  See http://www.leida.co.il/neora/ ;  http://www.leida.co.il/neora/show.asp?art=14&t=l

I was privileged to have two long-living parents to accompany my life. My father Sinai Leichter died Dec. 2004, at 91.  He was a historian and folklore researcher, initiator and editor of the much-acclaimed 7- volume  Anthology of Yiddish Songs - the authoritative, tri-lingual collection (with music notes) published by the Hebrew University Magnes Press.  My mother Nessia Leichter (Tirkel) would have been 99 on 11/11/11/ but died two months before.  She was a Hebrew  teacher and painter,  who discovered the computer and internet when she was 88.  Both parents continued to live in their un-renovated modest apartment in Beit HaKerem,  Jerusalem. v

Sister of Dr. Tzila Shamir, a mathematician and former faculty member in Math and of Industrial and Management Engineering at the College in Ariel.   http://www.ariel.ac.il/projects/trp/GeneralInformation.asp?numRec=35&numtafrit=1&id_lang=0&d=0