Rachelle Alterman, Professor
Public-Professional Pro-Bono Service and Media

      Committees of Professional organizations and NGOs

Founder of the world's first International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights. Inaugural symposium – Amsterdam Feb. 7 2007.  To promote interdisciplinary and cross-national exchange between academics in planning, law, and real estate studies.

Elected President of the Association during the second international conference, Warsaw, February 14 2008, term ended February 2010.

Founder of a sister-forum to enable cross learning among legal government practitioners and scholars:  The International Platform of Experts in Planning Law, in cooperation with the Dutch Government and the Institute for Construction Law, The Hague.

  1. 2007 , - - 2009 , -. Chair – Committee for the Nomination of the Honorary Fellows of the Israel Planners’ Association (two consecutive years).  Initiator in 2007 of a new honor – Trustee of the IPA (for exemplary service to the organization).

  2. 2005 - . Member, Strategic Planning Committee of DESHE - an environmental NGO associated with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

  3. 2004 - . Founding member of the task for creating an International Association of Jewish Architects and Planners for Human Rights (temporary title).

  4. 2003 , Jan - 2003 , Dec. Appointed by the Council for a Beautiful Israel to the Judges Committee of the first David Azrieli Prize for Excellence in Urban Planning.

  5. 2003 - . Member, Academic Committee. The Rural Area Research Unit, The Kibbutz Research Institute, The University of Haifa. New center established October 2003.

  6. 2003 - . Member of the Prize Committee for the Distinguished Planner Award, Association for Environmental Planning in Israel. Prize to be awarded Feb. 2004 at the Annual Conference of AEPI.

  7. 2003 - . Member of the Continuing Education committee of the Association of Environmental Planning in Israel.

  8. 2000 - . crnt Member, Academic Advisory Committee for the Israel Institute for Land Policy (Jewish National Fund, Jerusalem).

  9. 2000 - . Member, NGO think-tank on the Future of the Kibbutz. Ramat Efal Institute.

  10. 1996 , Nov - 2002 , Mch. elected member of the Executive Board, Israel Association for Environmental Planning.

  11. 1994 - 1997 . Member, Committee for Public Transportation, People, Nature, and Law Association (a public-action group).

  12. 1996 , Nov - . Elected member of the Executive Committee of the Israel Association for Environmental Planning.Reelected Nov. 1998 for an additionalterm.

  13. 1996 - 1997 . Appointed member, board of directors, the Israel Center for Mediation - an N.G.O. volunteer group of professionals.

  14. 1994 - . crnt Member of the Council, AESOP Association of European Schools of Planning Representative of Technion (in 1989 in Leuven, Belgium, negotiated "full corresponding member" status for the Technion . the first school to be awarded this status). Honored as invited observer to the AESOP Council since approx. 1994, subsequently converted to regular member of a corresponding school.

  15. 1994 , Dec - . Founding member and member of the Presidential Board, Council for Open Space Preservation in Israel.

  16. 1991 - 1992 . Member, Board of Directors, Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (Hevra Le'Haganat Ha'teva).Subsequently, member of the DESHE think tank group re. "green" planning.

  17. 1983 - 1987 . National Deputy Chair of AEPI. In 1983 I initiated the Israel Distinguished Planner Award (implemented in collaboration with Prof. Baruch Kipnis and Prof. Arie Shachar). Served on the first two nominating committees. The award was granted in 1983 to Arie Sharon, Eliezer Brutzkus and Zion HaShimshoni., later to Arie Eliav and Baiga Schochat, and in 1986 (or 85) to Slyper and Raanan Weitz.

  18. 1978 - 1982 . Elected member of the Executive Committee of the Association for Environmental Planning in Israel.

  19. 1978 - . appox. 85 -Member of the Planning Committee, Society for a Beautiful Israel, Haifa District.

Public Service On Government Boards and Committees

  1. 2010 , - - - , -.

    Appointed as a member of the search committee for the new Director (and chief planner) of the Israel National Planning Administration (Ministry of the Interior)


  2. 2007 - . Appointed member, National Committee on Post-Earthquake Recovery.

  3. 2005 , Apr - 2006 . Member, Planning Law Reform task force, formed by the Ministry of the Interior.

  4. 2003 , Dec - . crnt Member, Isreal National Planning & Building Board. appointed by the President of the Technion to the Technion seat.Appointed member of the Appeals.

  5. 2003 - . Appointed by the Minister of Construction and Housing to a 5-person committee to advise on housing policy (not yet activated...).

  6. 2001 , Jan - . Re-appointed by the President of the Technion as Deputy-Representative of the Technion to the statutory National Planning and Building Board. Member of the subcommittee for Appeals.

  7. 2001 , Jan - 2003 . Appointed by the Minister of Interior as Chair of the Statutory Investigation Committee for Boundaries Changes in the Modiin-Shoham area.

  8. 2000 , Jul - . Invited by the chair of the Knesset Committee on Internal and Environmental Affairs (M.K. David Azolia) to serve as Academic Advisor to the Committee regarding a proposed private bill on Coastline Preservation.

  9. 1998 - 1999 . Member, steering committee of National Outline Plan #35.

  10. 1997 , Apr - . Member, Think-tank on "The future of rural communities" ,Ministry of Agriculture.

  11. 1997 , Feb - . Member, Advisory Group on Acceleration of Planning Procedures, at the request of the Ministry of Construction and Housing.

  12. 1996 , Jan - 1996 . Appointed by the President of the Technion as Deputy-Representative of the Technion to the statutory National Planning and Building Board. Member of the subcommittee on Major Planning Subjects.

  13. 1995 , May - . Appointed by the Minister of Economics & Planning to: sub-committee on urban and regional development, National Council for Economics and Planning (abolished in 1996).

  14. 1995 - . Member, steering committee, National Plan #31 - Monitoring and Update.

  15. 1994 - 1997 . Director (public representative), BEZEK - Israel Telecommunications Corporation.

  16. 1994 - 1995 . Member (public representative) - Haifa City municipal property committee.

  17. 1991 - 1992 . Member of task team with the Renewal and Development Department of the Jewish Agency, project on "The local impacts of accelerated growth due to mass immigration.

  18. 1990 - 1992 . Member, Municipal Boundaries Commission for Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan; appointed by the Minister of the Interior.

  19. 1990 - . Member, Municipal Commission on the Proposed Secession of the Kiryat Ha'im Quarter from the City of Haifa. Appointed by the Mayor of Haifa.

  20. 1986 - 1988 . Member, Board of Trustees, Educational Facilities Institute (quasi-governmental).

Written or oral pro-bono inputs to Knesset (Israel parliament) legislation:

2011, June – pro-bono advice at the request of the Bank of Israel regarding the 'reasons" for the unreasonable length of time it takes to receive a building permit in Israel, and what could be done.

2011 - pro-bono advice to the OECD – Israel referees – regarding housing policy, land policy and the forthcoming reform in the planning and building law. Requested by the OECD and the Bank of Israel.

2009, June – 2010, Dec. (approx.) pro-bono advice to the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the need for thorough reform to the Israel Planning and Building Law – based on my cross-national knowledge.

2009, June 9 – at the request of the Prime Minister’s Office – meeting with the representative of the OECD Public Governance Committee during its visit to evaluate Israel’s eligibility for membership.  I was asked to analyze the degree of access to public participation in government decisions with particular focus on local governments and land use planning.

2005, June – Aug. - Meeting with Member of Knesset Ilan Leibowitz (at his request), to initiate public action and  legislation to ensure sustainable maintenance finance for high-rising (condominium) residential buildings that are becoming so prevalent in Israel.  (Following my publications, public lectures and newspaper stories warning about the danger of fast deterioration of such housing in all non-luxury cases).  On Aug. 16 2005 we jointly held a "think tank" meeting with invited mortgage bank CEO's and others to hear feedback on my proposed policies. Received front-page coverage of the Real Estate Supplement of Haaretz newspaper, Aug. 26, 2005.

2004, Sep. - 2005, Feb. – Initiative to ensure public information, participation and local government  discretionary powers in approving building permits for cellular antennas according to National Plan 36a; in cooperation  with the Mayor of Herzliya Yael German and a variety of NGOs regarding possible legislation to require more transparency in the approval process for  locating cellular antennas.

2004, August – Invited input to the Committee for the Preparation of a Comprehensive Constitution for Israel, on the topic of land and property rights.  The Institute for Democracy, Jerusalem.

2004, Feb 4 -  Invited presentation before the Knesset Constitution and Law Committee on whether it is  appropriate to include the status of Israel Lands in the new constitutional law in-the -making.

2002 March -  Meeting requested by the new Knesset Commissioner for the Coming Generations, Judge Shoham, re. priorities for his work in changing planning procedures and issues.

2002  Jan. 1 -  testimony to the Knesset Science Committee re. cellular antennas planning issue (see below), during an urgent meeting called by the Chair, MK Anat Maor where Israeli scientists were asked to report about the current state of knowledge regarding degree of radiation risks  from cellular phones and antennas.  I raise the problem of the absence of obligation to serve any public notice when applying for planning permission to construct antennas in urban areas.

2001 Dec. - invited testimony to the Knesset Committee for Interior and the Environment on the issue of public notification about planning permits for cellular antennas (National Plan no. 36). The  debate in the Knesset followed a November 2001 decision of the National Planning  Board  that - at the Cabinet's request - reversed the Board's decision a year earlier,  to require the cellular companies to supply a notice to neighbors when making applications for building permits to construct antennas in urban areas.  That earlier decision was  orchestrated by me as a member of the Board;  the National Plan draft had initially been tabled for Planning Board approval without any clause requiring such public notice.

2001 May-June  Invited presentation of my research regarding the (re-proposed)  �Valal� law (accelerated planning procedures that existed in 1990-1995), to the Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Construction and Housing; interview for the Globes national newspaper, published June 3 2001.

2001 Mar.  -  Requested by the State Comptroller General to provide my research-based opinion on planning and land-policy issues regarding the Arab Sector within Israel.  In-depth meeting  with their team.

2000 Jul. - invited by the chair of the Knesset Committee on Internal and Environmental Affairs (M.K.David Azolia) to serve as Academic Advisor to the Committee regarding a proposed private  bill on Coastline Preservation. (Also noted under Public Service on Boards and Committees)

2000 May  - Invited by the Chair of the Knesset, M.K. Avrum Burg, to a closed meeting on how to improve government policies towards the Arab sector in Israel in the planning and land-policy areas.

1998 -  Invited presentation to the Knesset-initiated public Committee on Environmental Policy,  regarding the anticipated (negative) impacts if the 'Valal Law' is reintroduced, calling for  extreme streamlining of procedures and time-frames.

1997 Jan. -  Invited appearance before the Boaz Ronen Commission on National Land Policy.

1996 Oct. - Meeting with the Minister of National Infrastructure, Ariel Sharon, to lobby for open-space preservation, with the Israel Nature Society group.

1995 - 1996  Invited by Minister of Economics and Planning, Yossi Beilin, to two personal meetings regarding the Israel 2020 plan policies.

1994, Aug. 30. Invited presentation to the Knesset Committee for Financial Affairs (chair:  MK Gedalya Gal), on Expropriation of Land for National Roads - what can Israel learn from the international experience, Sept. 1994. (extensive coverage in the daily papers - Yediot, Globes, Jerusalem Post).

1994 - Meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, Ariel Sharon, re. strategies for farmland preservation organized by the Nature Protection Society

1988-1997 -  Frequent invited appearances as academic expert witness at the Knesset parliamentary Committee for Internal Affairs, re. amendments to the Israel Planning and Building Law.  Amendment 23, 1986; Amendment 26 - 1988-1989; Emergency legislation and the Planning Procedures Law, June, 1990; Amendment 43, Dec. 1994-July 1995 (weekly meetings attended throughout the pre-legislative process). [Appreciation of my contribution was expressed by the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Knesset Committee and recorded in the Knesset Proceedings, July 1995]..


My policy is to reject most consulting offers in order to reserve my time for research, academic and public service.
The exceptional cases where I agree to serve as consultant are usually for public bodies, and on topics I would like to contribute to.

  1. 1969 (May - Aug.) - Planner, Department of Public Works, Canada Federal Government, Winnipeg Branch. Wrote plan for Churchill, Manitoba, re: phasing out of the military based community.

  2. 1970 - Planner Winnipeg Metropolitan Government Re: Housing, land use, demographic analysis.

  3. 1972 - Project Coordinator & member of planning team headed by Prof. M. Hill commissioned by the Israel National Planning Board on alternative sites for power plant location (the Hadera plant).

  4. 1973 74 - Planner, Office of Arch. A. Livnat, Haifa: prepared planning briefs for 5 new neighborhoods in new towns; Commissioned by the Ministry of Housing.

  5. 1977 - Consultant to the Urban Institute, Tel Aviv, on the application of a non parametric statistical model for the selection of a site for a new town in the Jerusalem area.

  6. 1977-1978 - Scientific consultant to the Open University (Educational TV and Radio) on a course on Man and His Environment (urban unit).

  7. As needed Public service pro-bono advisor on planning law and procedure to various public bodies: the Knesset Committee for Internal Affairs, the Council for Beautiful Israel, Israel Assoc. for Environmental Planning, the Assoc. of the Handicapped, and various neighborhood and citizen groups.

  8. 1980 81 - Expert Witness re. planning law litigation for the law firm of Olshansky-Granot, Tel Aviv.

  9. 1989 - Consultant to the Ministry of the Interior re. the Emergency Law proposed by the Minister of Finance, intended to shorten planning procedures (the so-called "Hundred Projects Law".) (August-Sept. 1989). Wrote an analysis of the likely impacts of the new law, which was then successfully defeated.

  10. 1989-90 - Consultant to team headed by attorney Yoram Barsela (Jerusalem) for the Ministry of Construction and Housing, on the development of a new planning law for Israel.

  11. 1990 - Impact assessment report evaluating the effects of proposed annexation of parts of the Mateh Yehudah Regional Council to Jerusalem. Presented September 1990 to the Municipal Boundaries ad hoc Committee appointed by the Minister of the Interior, headed by Mr. Haim Kubersky. In collaboration with Prof. Shaul Amir and Mr. Amnon Frenkel. Center for Urban and Regional Studies, Technion.

  12. 1988- 89; 1991-2 - Consultant to the office of Hertz and Fogel (Tel Aviv) re.: The Central District Outline Plan - planning process and methods.

  13. 1994 - Expert opinion on the legality of compulsory dedication of land for public services in view of the new Basic Law on Personal Dignity and Freedom. Commissioned by the Ministry of Interior as input to the preparation of an extensive amendment to the planning and building law.

  14. 1995 - Pro-bono member of a task team of the Israel Nature Protection Society on strategies to encourage open-space preservation and intensify land use.

  15. 1995 - Consultant to the Union of Developers and Builders - team on higher-density reuse of inner cities.

  16. 1995 -1996 - Consultant to the City of Tel Aviv Planning Division on the preparation of a new strategic plan: Process, Organization, and Plan Formats.

  17. 1997 - Consultant to the RFP response for National Plan # 35 - Housing and Employment - for the joint venture of the Urban Institute (Adam Mazor) and Edna and Rafael Lerman, Architect-Planners.

  18. December 2001 - participant in an RFP competition for the new outline plan for the City of Haifa. With the Boaz Barkai-Yinon partnership. As consultant on the methodology and public participation.

  19. May 2001 - Aug 2001 Consultant to the World Bank on the lessons to be learned from Israel.s housing and land policies applied during the mass-immigration crisis in Israel in the 1990s.

  20. Jan. 2002 - 2003 Pro Bono team member of an ECF (Economic Cooperation Foundation) thin-tank team for improving policies towards the Israeli Arab sector regarding land policy, land use planning and housing.

  21. 2002 - 2003 - Consultant to the Association of Municipal Engineers on their strategies for professionalization and for developing an academic degree or continuing-education course.

  22. 2003 - Appointed by the Tel Aviv District Court (with the agreement of both litigating sides) as an expert in a real-property and planning law dispute.

  23. 2003 - 2005 Consultant to the Haifa Master Plan, on public participation policy and methods.

  24. 2003 - 2005 Consultant to the Ministry of Interior on the preparation of a new Planning and Building Law for Israel. Analysis of international models and development of alternatives (applied-research outline submitted at the request of the Ministry of Interior in May 2002).

  25. 2004 - (starting July) - Consultant to the City of Holon on the preparation of a new strategic plan - legal and methodological strategy.

  26. 2005 (March) - Consultant to Moshav Nahalal (cooperative village) on its land policy.

  27. 2005 (June) - Consultant to the UNDP - UN Office for Project Services . for the Nicosia Master Plan Bi-Communal Development Programme . Nicosia June 12-16 2005. Wrote Expert Report.

  28. 2005 - 2006 (May 05 - Jan. 2006) Consultant to the Ministry of Interior and Inter-Ministerial Committee, Israel, on comparative cross-national laws and practices regarding property rights in planning (especially compensation for "regulatory takings").

  29. 2008 - Consultant (single meeting) to the Jewish National Fund regarding its land policy.

  30. Invited as probono evaluator: Delft University and Netherlands Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment. Invited to be a member of 10 international experts to evaluate the new Dutch Regional Plan for the Randstadt, Dec. 15-16 2008. (Could not attend due to illness).

  31. 2009 - Limited-term Consultant to the Prime Minister's Office on a strategy to reform the Israel Planning and Building Law.

  32. 2010 - February - February 2011. Invited to serve as International Expert Advisor to the OECD (along with one more expert from the USA) on an OECD team to assess the planning system and policies of Poland. Member of the field-visit Evaluation Committee.

  33. August 2010 - current - Consultant on Affordable Housing Policy for the City of Raanana Master Plan. Part of team headed by Architect Eli First that won the tender competition for the contract.

  34. November 2010 - current - Appointed by the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) to serve as Expert Advisor to the Knesset Committee on Interior Affairs and Environmental Quality, regarding the new Israel Planning and Building Bill and related legislation.


Television and radio appearances

  1. National TV Evening News, Sept. 4 1989. Criticizing the Emergency Law to Shorten Planning Procedures proposed by the Minister of Finance.  Radio interview and news conference on same topic.

  2. National TV talk show re., May 23, 1994. Hike in land prices

  3. National TV morning news interview, May 24, 1995 re.. expropriations - what can the "average citizen" do to reduce the risk and damage.

  4. National radio program (Gal b), June 17 1997. on Social Justice and Land Policy, served as expert-anchor for 2 hours.

  5. Local TV news for the Haifa area, 1997-8. several appearances on public participation in planning and on illegal development.

  6. Local TV news for the Netanya area, 1997-8. two appearances regarding planning and housing issues in the Netanya area, including issues of “exclusionary zoning”, open space preservation in the region, etc.

  7. National TV program (Channel 1) – “Politika”, Feb. 22, 1999. On the issue of privatization trends in land and development interests.

  8. National TV program (Channel 2), “So and So” (“kakha ve’kakha”), April 24 1999. On “It Will Be Dense” (issues of national land use and planning).

  9. National radio, -. Interviews or talks on current issues in planning law, land policy, and on Project Renewal, in the legal-affairs program Din u` Devarim and other programs.

  10. Radio, 1998. Several radio interviews on changes in the Planning Law proposed by the Minister, intended to reduce public participation.

  11. Reshet Aleph, 1999. National radio program on “Israel in the Year 2020” – a simulation.  Hour-long

  12. Reshet Bet, 1999 – Oct. 4. Interviewed and cited extensively on the national news regarding the proposal to transfer the national planning administration to the Prime Minister’s Office under a proposed National Planning Authority.

  13. National TV (“academic channel”), February 2001. Program on the issue of agricultural land conversion for development.

  14. National TV evening news (“Mabat la’hadashot”), January 1 2002. Inserted a report about the recent decision by the National Planning Board not to require any public notice regarding applications to site cellular antennas in urban areas.   I do not appear in person, but my testimony at the Knesset Science Committee that same day serves as the direct basis for this report.

  15. Regional TV evening program (TEVEL Cable TV for the Northern Region), March 11 2002. Debate on the property rights of leaseholders of agricultural land in Israel.

  16. Regional TV, Netanya Region, October 6-7, 2002. interview about planning issues regarding housing densities, public services, and social-justice issues (such public objections to the location of old-age homes, tax-load distribution, and distribution of terrorist-security burden) in the City of Netanya.

  17. Regional TV Haifa Region, October 10 2002. Interview about planning issue regarding high-rise building in the Carmel Mountain Center area of Haifa, proposal to provide incentives to preserve and regenerate historic housing in the Hadar area, and public participation rights.

  18. Regional TV Haifa Region, November 2002. Panel interview regarding recent community-based interest groups that have tried to influence public planning in Haifa (for better, and for worse).

  19. National TV, Channel 1: Al Ha-Kavenet weekly program about the Middle East, September 7 2003. Interviewed about my World Bank report on lessons that the Palestinian Authority can draw from Israel`s land and housing policies for immigrant absorption, as input into the Authority`s plans to take in Palestinian refugees.

  20. National TV, Channel 10. "London and Kirschenbaum" current affairs program, October 2003. Interviewed at length about my World Bank report on lessons that the Palestinian Authority can draw from Israel`s land and housing policies for immigrant absorption.

  21. National TV, Science Channel (8). “Bulldog” – environmental affairs program., July 25, 2004. repeated showings in 2005
    On open-space preservation. Repeated showings on prime-time National TV Channel 10 (as Bulldog prime time).

  22. National TV Channel 2 weekend news (prime-time), March 4 2005. Interview about and credit for my longterm fight (as a member of the National Planning and Building Board) to insert a public-information clause in National Plan Number 36 A for regulating Cellular Antennas.

  23. National TV, . Interview and commentary about "examples of `planning failure` and social –environmental justice".

  24. National cable TV – Channel 32 – "Home Plus", August 2005. (shown several times)
    Interview regarding urban planning, high rise housing and open-space preservation.

  25. National Radio appearances on the International News Hour, Reshet Bet (network 2, IBC), May and September 4, 2006. Interview about the implications of the Katrina disaster for urban policy in the USA ; Interview about trans-border environmental policy in Cyprus, June 2006

  26. National TV Channel 10 - "London and Kirshenbaum" current affairs program (7-8 PM), Nov. 28, 2006. About the national program to stimulate development of the Negev desert area Spoke about the need for open-space conservation and infill of existing towns.

  27. National TV Channel 2 - Economics Corner, Nov. 2007. On affordable housing.

  28. National TV Channel 1: Politica, 2008. Regarding open space preservation and urban development.

  29. Local TV Tel Aviv area: News., 2008. On urban regeneration and housing.

  30. Local Radio interview [Be-emza Ha-derech], July 26 2009. On the need to streamline the Israel Planning and Building Law

  31. Madad Yomi (Daily Index - an economics program), September 23 2009. National TV Channel 1 (Public channel) – interview regarding the proposed reform in Israel’s Planning and Building Law and my recommendations based on my cross-national research.  (Debating Iris Hann, my former thesis advisee as a graduate of the Technion master’s degree in planning, who is today a leading spokesperson for the environmental movements).  

  32. National TV - Channel 2, 2009. Two-part interview - 1 hour each - regarding the discipline and profession of urban and regional planning and its importance for people’s day to day lives as well as national policies.  Shown on Israel’s leading commercial channel.  Part I - Oct 1; Part II - Oct 8

  33. National TV Channel 10, London and Kirshenbaum news show, May 5 2010. Interview on the spiraling housing prices in Israel and public policies for mitigating them.

  34. National radio interview, evening, May 24 2010. On the new planning bill in Haarachat Matzar (Situation Assessment). Station 2 radio.

  35. National radio - Galei Zahal, Nov. 2010. Member of live panel with the Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office - Mr. Eyal Gabay and the Director General of the Israel Lands Administration Mr. Yaron Bibi - about the statutory reform of the Israel Lands Authority Law.

  36. National radio - Galei Zahal, Jan 18, 2011. Interview about National Outline Plan 38 which provides incentive zoning – additional development rights – in the entire country in exchange for enforcing older buildings against earthquakes. To what extent does this stimulus fulfill its goals?  Morning show with Nurit Canetti.

  37. Knesset (Parliament) web page, Jan. 26 2011. My input as consultant to the Knesset Committee for Internal Affairs and Environmental Protection in its deliberations about the Planning and Building Bill (“reform" bill). Statement that the term “City Engineer” is anachronistic and it’s about time that Israeli planning law recognize the existence of planners and the planning professio (today only civil engineers or architects can hold the position of the professional arm of local Planinng and Building Commissions.

  38. National radio - Station 2, March 7 2011. Morning show with Amikam – interview regarding the Prime Minister’s proposal to introduce legislative amendments to shortcut planning procedures for government-initiated housing projects.

  39. National radio - Galey Zahal, March 8 2011. Aired what I said at the meeting of the Knesset Committee for Internal Affairs and Environmental Protection regarding the Prime Minister’s proposal to introduce legislative amendments to shortcut planning procedures for government-initiated housing projects.

  40. Regional Radio North , March 9 2011. Interview regarding the Prime Minister’s proposal to introduce legislative amendments to shortcut planning procedures for government-initiated housing projects.

  41. Regional Radio South, March 10 2011. Interview regarding the Prime Minister’s proposal to introduce legislative amendments to shortcut planning procedures for government-initiated housing projects.

  42. Regional Radio - Tel Aviv (Radio Le Lo Hafsaka) - Gabi Gazit, Oct. 4 2011. About affordable housing - click here.

Newspaper and magazine articles about my research or interviews with me

Over 100 newspaper stories and reports by the daily press on my publications, public or professional presentations, or special interviews on subjects of planning legislation, planning decisions and enforcement, planning legislation, land policy, land use, design control, housing, and women in academia.   Many full-length articles on my research written by journalists in Haaretz (in both the Hebrew and English editions),The Marker (paper and online editions) Yediot, Ynet, Calcalist, Maariv, NRG, Globes, the Jerusalem Post, Davar (till 1996), and various magazines (The Marker monthly, Link, Monitin, La’Isha, Att).  Additionally, interviews and reports on publications in several local newspapers in the Haifa, Northern, South, Sharon, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv areas. In 1988 interviewed for Newsweek on "linkage" policies for housing; while in Cambridge, Mass.

Newsclips Gallery

"2020 Vision": The Jerusalem Report on Israel 2020, 1997.